History of the carnagio.

Manetas Alexandros (Tsantos) Shipyard since 1936 Around 1936 Alexandros Manetas (Tsantos) moved from Corfu to the area of ​​Margarona and founded the small shipyard in Preveza, the first to exist in our area. From the beginning of the company the work that was done was the lifting and launching, maintenance and repair and construction of wooden fishing and fishing boats in addition to this type of work that requires specialized human resources which created the required facilities, techniques and engineering. After many years of hard and tedious work, (father) Alexandros decided to transfer the business to the new member of the family, his son, Dimitris Manetas, where he continues to this day the history of the shipyard. The same zeal that Dimitris acquired from his father is passed on to his two sons, Alexandros and Ioannis, and with the necessary technological knowledge that they will acquire while studying and as employees in the company, they will be its worthy successors. . .


Meet Preveza.

The city of Preveza is located at the southern tip of Epirus and in the middle of the northwestern coastline of Greece. It is built on the north side of the Strait of Preveza, which connects the Amvrakikos Gulf with the Ionian Sea. Opposite it and at a distance of only 600 meters is the flat and sandy cape of Aktio, known from the famous naval battle of 31 BC. The sea area near Preveza was once again the epicenter of world history during the naval battle of Preveza in 1538 AD, confirming the strategic position of the city. North of Preveza and at a distance of seven kilometers from it is the extensive ruin of ancient Nikopolis, which was built by Octavian around 30 BC, in memory of his victory over his opponents, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, after the naval battle. of Aktio. Although Preveza is built near the largest port of ancient Nikopolis, which was in the bay of Vathi, and despite the fact that the ruins of Nikopolis were known as Paleopreveza since the 17th century, we can not claim that Preveza is a continuation of ancient Nikopolis, as there is a large time gap between the historical paths of the two cities.